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OnePlus 5 leak - The new flagship killer

This year's "flagship killer" will be called , skipping the number "4" deems inauspicious for Chinese. The supposed leaked image via Inida Today, whose claims to have sources that have worked on the OnePlus 5 .

Oneplus 5

The OnePlus 5 appears set to feature a dual-camera design on the back, keeping the metal construction from the 3 and 3T with a metal frame around the edges. There is no fingerprint sensor on the back, so perhaps OnePlus has managed to incorporate it into the home button, or the display itself. That said, this is still an early...

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Blackberry KeyOne release delayed due to overwhelming response

Chinese company TCL announced at the MWC in February that the BlackBerry KEYone will be available globally starting April, though they did not specify when. Disappointingly so, it seems that the release of the smartphone has been moved on further to May.


BlackBerry's CEO John Chen confirmed during the company's earning calls that the KEYOne will be in production at the end of April, which means it will not arrive in stores until after May.

"We just launched two phones, or we helped our partners launch two phones. One in Indonesia and that one is shipping already. The second...

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Samsung announces first Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus in US, first to come with Snapdragon 835

Samsung officially unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Samsung Galaxy S8+ smartphones. The Galaxy S8 has a 5.8-inch display, while the larger S8+ will come in at 6.2-inches. Both phones have edge-to-edge curved displays, something Samsung refers to as "infinity display."

s8 plus

Samsung will be the first to launch the Snapdragon 835 phone on the market. The 835 uses a newer 10nm manufacturing process with more powerful Kryo 280 custom CPU cores. This is an octa-core chip, whereas the 821 is quad-core. The 835 runs 2.35 GHz Quad + 1.7 GHZ Quad. However, we understand that that...

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Essential Products rumoured Bezel-less phone teased by founder Andy Rubin

Andy Rubin, as you may know, is a co-founder of Android, and he was in charge of the OS at Google until 2013. Rubin left the search giant a year later, and recently created a new company called Essential Products. Never mind that Softbank reportedly pulled out of planned 100mil investment in Essential. 


News of the company working on a  pressed on and became nearer to reality now that Rubin teased the company's first device, posting an image to Twitter with a  note "really excited about how this is shaping up" and is "eager to get it in...

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5 new Moto Mods annonced and more mod concepts in the works

Good news for Moto Z owners. Moto announced five new snap-on Mod accessories today for its family of phones, on track with their promise to release at least . At the same time, they are actively wooing developers to contribute and expand the Mod ecosystem. The strategy comes from the point to strengthen the value proposition of a modular smartphone, without it which the phone will not succeed.

1. Game pad

moto mod

The most prominent new Mod is the , a new portable gaming console that you can also plug into your TV. A snap-on rig for the Moto...

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